Smalls for All - Saying Pants to Poverty

Here at CET we are dedicated to giving our all, it's in our logo. This motto to not just reserved for our work, we also believe in giving our smalls to charity.

Throughout January, February and March we've been collecting underwear for the charity Smalls for All. Smalls for All collects donations of pants and bras for women and children in Africa, as women often only own one pair of tattered pants, if they own any at all. In Africa, underwear is seen as a symbol of status, which can offer a degree of security as well as help meet basic hygiene needs.

Someone seen to be wearing underwear is believed to have someone who cares about them (a husband, brother or father), so are not seen as vulnerable and are less likely to fall victim to an attack.

The internal response to this collection was phenomenal and we were able to collect over 250 pieces of underwear, 175 bras and 84 pants.

We would like to say a big thank you to Rebecca Smith from the CET accounts department, who went out of her way to collect bra’s and pants from the residents of Hucknall for our appeal – Well Done!