About CET

Our Story

Established in 1988, CET began as a materials testing house and quality assurance service for the Construction industry. Since then, we’ve grown exponentially through organic expansion and acquisition. Through the natural connection between materials testing and subsidence investigation, we then grew our Property Assurance division, serving as an outsourcing partner for some of the biggest and best known insurers in the UK.

In the last two years, we’ve more than doubled in size and seen two distinct divisions flourish into successful businesses. In 2020, to better serve the needs of our customers, we completed the process of formally separating these into CET Property Assurance and CTS (Construction Testing Solutions).

Today, CET Property Assurance looks after the Home Emergency policies for every one in four UK households- providing a range of specialist property services to the Insurance Sector. We are the UK’s leading provider of subsidence investigation, alongside delivering nationwide drainage investigation and repair services. 

Our Vision

To be the leader of every market we operate in through innovation and by exceeding service delivery expectations.

Our Mission

To reject ‘average’, aim for excellence and exceed expectations by keeping our promises and giving our all at all times and across all of our services – from testing and investigation, through to emergency response and resolution.

Our Values


CET does the right thing for customers, always. That means creating bespoke services, keeping them informed, treating them fairly and always delivering on promises. Whatever the challenge, we roll up our sleeves, get stuck in and sort it out quickly. We work hard and believe a job is never complete until it meets the satisfaction of the customer.


CET has a proven track-record and accreditations in each of the areas in which we operate: materials testing, environmental consultancy, site and subsidence investigation, drainage and emergency response. Translated into knowledge and right first time advice, this expertise enables us to give a brilliant service, every time.


Because CET’s services are interconnected, they are quickly able to become interdependent- meaning they all come together to work as one. This is incredibly valuable at peak times, when projects and workloads have increased significantly due to seasonal or other extraordinary factors. At such times, we pull together effectively to share resources and equipment to meet all needs.

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