Home Emergency Response Call Out

CET agents handle a wide variety of home emergency response calls, from fallen trees to burst pipes, blocked drains to gas leaks. From time to time we get calls where emergency response takes on a new meaning. When time is a factor, a rapid response is essential.

In January 2016 our contact centre took a call from a concerned policy holder. Their partner was receiving medical care at home that required 24/7 connection to an oxygen source and they were experiencing frequent power outages. The battery back-up would provide short-term power but was running low.

We immediately arranged for one of our local emergency response teams to visit the policyholder and they arrived on site within an hour of us taking the call.

A detailed site investigation revealed a faulty appliance on the circuit was causing the RCD (Residential Current Device) to trip repeatedly; cutting power to the premises. The faulty appliance was removed and uninterrupted power returned.

Emergency calls come in all shapes and sizes. When a policy holder reaches out for an emergency response they expect both professionalism and empathy; that’s why our Home Emergency Response teams are highly trained and always put the customer first.

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