CET Supports Local Archery Club

You may remember we recently wrote a news story about Helen Eames, Accounts Payable Supervisor at CET breaking the county archery record. Not long after we published the story, Ivanhoe Archery Club was the victim of a robbery and arson attack. The high-value equipment was stolen, and thieves set fire to what they left behind.

In the months since, Ivanhoe has been slowly rebuilding. In September, the club moves indoors for the winter season. However, to shoot indoors it needs to use a back-stop net. This is a heavy gauge net curtain that is strung across the width of the sports hall, to a height of approx. 2.5m.

This essential piece of equipment is also used at demonstration events, such as the Ashby Show, and local Tractor Run events that are used to help raise funds for the club.

As a part of our “Giving Back” policy, we provide support for local communities and charities, either in the form of fund-raising or volunteering. We were delighted to be able to donate to the Ivanhoe Archery Club. In addition to a new back-stop net, we were able to provide a new layered foam target for those archers who shoot compound bows.

“We can’t shoot indoors without these vital pieces of equipment” said Helen. “We have labelled the new equipment as ‘donated by CET’ and all of us at Ivanhoe Archers are very grateful indeed”.

For more on our community funding, visit: https://www.cet-uk.com/about-cet/corporate-social-responsibility/