Subsidence Investigation

CET is the UK’s leading provider of subsidence investigation and remediation services. Our service features detailed site surveys that include a comprehensive set of tests; including foundation and drainage investigation, soil analysis and building monitoring.

We maintain a highly-experienced team of engineers; enabling us to provide a quality, responsive service nationwide. All subsidence investigations are coordinated centrally through our Customer Service Centre and delivered locally through our regional network of branches. A framework of key performance indicators ensures we maintain the same high standards of work, wherever we are in the country.

Subsidence is the cause of major structural damage to property and infrastructure across the UK. The uneven, downward movement of foundations can be caused by a range of naturally occurring and man-made factors; principal among them are soil shrinkage or washout, caused by trees and defective drainage.

Data is key to understanding the reasons behind building movement. CET uses a broad range of investigative methods to gather accurate measurements; including the use of trial pits, boreholes and CCTV monitoring to provide a comprehensive survey report.


Subsidence Services

  • Internal/external trial pits and boreholes
  • Hand and mechanical auguring
  • Window sampling/dynamic probing
  • Laboratory/soil testing, carried out to relevant BS, EN and ISO standards
  • Drainage investigations utilising CCTV
  • Video monitoring of buildings
  • Comprehensive reporting


Crack and Level Monitoring

CET is the country’s largest independent supplier of crack and level monitoring services to the subsidence industry. Widely used by insurers, loss adjusters, property managers and Local Authorities to assess and monitor the stability of a structure with visible cracks or distortion, our data collection surveys include:

  • Deep datum installation
  • Traditional crack monitoring
  • Remote level monitoring
  • Floor contour surveys
  • Brick course distortion surveys


UKAS Accreditation

CET Property Assurance was delighted to announce the successful achievement of UKAS accreditation for a range of mechanical and physical soils tests carried out at our Essex-based laboratory in February 2015.

The range of tests include liquid and plastic limits, plasticity index, determination of the state of desiccation in clay soils and one dimensional swell/strain testing. The time and resource that we have put aside to achieve this has been significant, but well worth the investment, as it formalises the integrity of the processes that we have been carrying out for many years.

This is the latest in a series of planned initiatives that will allow CET to strengthen our scope of services and provide externally accredited test results to our subsidence investigation clients. We will continue to look at ways of improving our already market-leading service to offer continued value to our clients.