Celebrating 30 years of giving our all

Last month sees CET celebrating its 30th anniversary. While I haven’t quite been here since it all began, I’ve now been here longer than anyone else. This time of year is usually spent planning for the future, but I thought I might make a little

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Traffic on the 110 Freeway and buildings in Los Angeles at night, seen from the 5th Street Bridge, in downtown Los Angeles, California.

Non-Destructive Structural Investigations

Smaller, faster, smarter testing.

For many years now, CET have provided a range of destructive/non-destructive structural investigations on road, rail and building environments. Over that time, we have remained committed to staying at the

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Protecting Boilers & Pipes in Cold Weather

Take action now to protect yourself against the extreme weather events of February and March 2018. The UK is experiencing a prolonged period of extreme weather, which has not been seen since 1982.

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CET and the technology revolution

There has been a technological revolution over the past 20 years that has forever changed the way businesses communicate and operate. The maturing of the Internet, ubiquitous wireless access, the Internet of Things, mobility and cloud computing

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What Lies Beneath?

Environmental testing (contaminated land surveys) is a relatively new discipline within the construction and civil engineering sectors. However, as new regulations come into force, it is becoming increasingly important.

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Testing Times for UK Infrastructure Projects

Far from an inconvenience or a “necessary evil”; materials testing not only mitigates risk associated with major infrastructure projects, it can have a positive impact on both timelines and budgets. In this post, we explore a best-practice

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Deconstructing the DoWCoP

The introduction of the CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoWCoP) for the development industry heralded a pragmatic approach to handling excavated materials from construction sites.

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Risk management in construction

The risk landscape within the UK construction and civil engineering sectors has seen a shift away from project designers and architects to contractors. These contractors are already operating within a tightly regulated environment and the last

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The Connected Claim

PwC predicts the connected home market could be worth up to $150bn worldwide by 2020, so when embraced by homeowners, claim alerts and notification to insurers could be automatic.

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