Subsidence Support Launches New Look Website

September saw the launch of the new-look – brought to you by Property Assure and in association with Future Climate Info.

The site is designed to provide home owners and purchasers with a comprehensive source of subsidence related information. It includes the answers to the key questions:

  • What is subsidence?
  • What causes it?
  • Is my property at risk?
  • What can I do about it?

The site includes several useful reference guides; including the zone of influence for common species of tree in England and Wales, the distribution of shrink-swell soils and an overview of the subsidence claims process.

If you are worried about the potential risk of subsidence in your area, you can submit your postcode and for a small fee receive a subsidence risk report in relation to your postcode.

About Property Assure

Property Assure offers a range of risk profiling and management services to the property owner; including the provision of property services and tradesman services for maintenance and property improvement. Property Assure is a part of CET Structures Ltd.

CET is the UK’s leading provider of subsidence investigation and remediation services. Detailed site surveys include a comprehensive set of tests; comprising foundation and drainage investigation, soil analysis and building monitoring.

About Future Climate Info

Future Climate Info (FCI) has been leading the market with its suite of Residential and Commercial Environmental Reports. Regulated by RICS, it provides extensive data, full risk assessments and clear advice on next steps from a Chartered Environmental Surveyor.