Pioneering the future of the claims journey

Here at CET, the customer is at the heart of everything we do, in fact we strive to make sure we always put the customer first. This is why we have created a new way of working; SIMPLIFiED Thinking!

Lewis DarbyChampioning SIMPLIFiED Thinking is Lewis Darby, CET Client Account Manager & SIMPLIFiED Thinking Lead.

Lewis explained “SIMPLIFiED Thinking will help us to understand and optimise the claims process as a whole, not parts in isolation.

“It is about changing the way we think towards customers and their claims in areas such as: perspective, design, decision, measures, attitude towards them, and motivation of all parties.

“This concept allows us to explore what great really looks like, reviewing our process and challenge what we see as the ‘norm’. This new way of thinking will fundamentally put us on the path for continual learning and development.”

As part of his role, Lewis will be training other SIMPLIFiED Thinking Champions as well as informing and educating Our People on the ethos behind SIMPLIFiED Thinking.

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