National Apprenticeship Week: Case Study – Lucinda Else

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2019, we've been catching up with a couple of our apprentices across the business. This week, you'll read their stories about their experiences and see their advice for those thinking about taking on an apprenticeship.



Meet Lucinda:

"Hi, I’m Lucinda, Office Manager for Underground Services in CET’s Property Assurance division. I’ve been doing my apprenticeship here since June 2018, which will lead to a Level 3 Team Leader qualification. Before joining CET in 2013, I worked as a Supervisor at East Midlands Airport, as well as in the retail industry. I had worked in management positions prior to joining the business, but never gained a specific qualification in leadership.

"As with any kind of studies, making time for working on my apprenticeship coursework, as well as juggling work and home life can be challenging, but the pay-off for putting in the work is extremely rewarding.

"One of the great things about taking on an apprenticeship is that you can instantly put into practice the things that you’re learning. Managing my team is a big part of my role at CET, so I’ve been able to use some of the theory that we’ve been taught on the course in my day-to-day, which has helped me to overcome a few situations that may not have been as easy as they were if I hadn’t have learnt how to deal with them. It’s also helped me to become more confident as a leader, as well as in managing my own work, because I now know the theory behind it.

"The training and support throughout the course have been great and I feel that, although it can be difficult sometimes to balance all of the responsibilities that I have, I always have someone that can help me to make the time for my studies.

"My advice for anyone thinking about taking on an apprenticeship, whether you’re a school-leaver or you’re already making way on your career path, is to go for it. Dedication and good time-keeping is key to success; understanding that you will need to make time for studies, as well as everything else that life throws at you, then putting in the hours will mean that your apprenticeship will take you career to the next level. In short – do it!"