Helen Eames Breaks County Archery Record

From time to time, we like to take a break from industry news to highlight the successes of some of the CET team. Helen Eames is our Accounts Payable Supervisor in the finance department, based in Castle Donnington. She has been a valued member of the CET team since she first joined, back in 2009.

Six years ago, she was looking for a new challenge and decided to take up archery for a hobby. She shoots for a local club, the Ivanhoe Archers. Last weekend Helen was asked by the Leicestershire and Rutland Country Archery Association to compete in the Outdoor Championships against archers from across the region.

Helen competes in the Barebow discipline. Barebow is a form of modern archery (typically featuring a recurve bow) that doesn’t feature sights, clickers, stabilisers, or even markings on the bow to help you aim. It is a “back to basics” approach to archery that places an emphasis on the skill of the archer.

At last week’s event, Helen shot an amazing 678. To put that into context, it was just 15 points off a master bowman score and set a new record for both club and county. All this in just her second ever outdoor competition.

Well done Helen!

If this has inspired you to take up a bow, check out http://www.archerygb.org/