CET does #MHAW - Carolyn's Challenge

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 (13th - 19th May), CET's Senior Management Team are taking on challenges across our network to raise money for our three nominated challenges.

We're asking our employees and our clients to vote for their favourite challenges by donating £1 via our #MHAW Challenger's JustGiving page. Every £1 counts as 1 vote. The top six will take on their challenge across Mental Health Awareness Week and beyond.

Carolyn Cole, HR Manager for the CET Group of Companies, takes us through her mammoth challenge, her nominated charity and why she deserves your vote.


Swimming the Channel (almost)

Why did you choose this challenge?

Staying active is really important for your mental wellbeing, but it’s difficult sometimes to make time for yourself when you’re juggling all the responsibilities that you have.

I wouldn’t say I’m an avid swimmer, but I do find swimming relaxing. For my challenge, I may be taking it to the extreme.

I’ll be swimming the equivalent of the English Channel, so to break it down a little more:

I need to swim 32,000 meters (minimum), which breaks down to 1,280 lengths of a pool.

I have 8 weeks to complete it, over 32 sessions (4 times a week).

I’ll need to do at least 40 lengths every time I swim!

The majority of people that take this challenge on will complete it in 12 weeks (no pressure there then)!

Which charity will you be supporting?

My votes will be donated to the Place2Be, which provides children’s mental health services in primary and secondary schools across the country. They help children to cope with issues such as bullying, bereavement, domestic violence, family breakdown, neglect and trauma.

What does taking part in raising awareness of Mental Health issues mean to you?

Mental Health awareness is incredibly important to me, not just because of what I do for work, but also on a personal level. I think it would be tough to find someone today that has no experience of mental ill-health, be it a personal experience or through a family member or friend, so I think it’s really important that we create a safe space at CET to talk about it.

To vote for Carolyn, visit her JustGiving page. Voting closes at 5pm on Tuesday 7th May.