Case Study: Andrea Crawford, Office and Quality Manager

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, we caught up with Andrea, Office and Quality Manager here at CET Calibration, to get her story and her experience of working in an industry that has traditionally been male-dominated.


How it all started

“After leaving school I studied Fashion Design at Chesterfield College for 3 years, then went onto Nottingham University studying Fashion for a year.

“I have been in the industry for 18 years, joining Omega Calibration (later CET Calibration) in 2000, moving to Administration Assistant, Office Manager and now Office & Quality Manager.”

“My father worked in Calibration/Engineering industry for many years. He started a Calibration company with a couple of his close friends and needed administration staff. I had recently been made redundant, so I took on the role of Admin Assistant. As the company grew, I was promoted to Administration Manager.”

How far I have come

“In 2016 Omega Calibration was taken over by CET. As part of the transition, I took on additional roles and responsibilities, including Quality Manager. This meant increasing my hours to full-time. Having 2 young children required juggling my home life with work, but the support of my husband and family made this possible.

“The effective communication between all staff has helped me to overcome any problems that I’ve faced in my career, creating solutions as a team to ensure we are working efficiently and to a high quality. Good teamwork is very important for a small business like this one.

“I enjoy the new aspect of my role, Quality, which mean I ensure that we are working and conforming to the high standard of work that is expected of a UKAS Laboratory. I also enjoy promptly and professionally dealing with helping our customers and giving them a good overview of CET Calibration. We pride ourselves on our customer service and try to help all our customers in any way we can. In this capacity, I need to have a good knowledge of the tests we carry out and how our services can help out customers, so I’ve become somewhat of a Calibration expert over the years.

“Through my role, I’ve been able to gain qualifications in Training, UKAS Auditing, as well as take advantage of the many training course that CET provides.”

This woman can

“I confess that there are some I have worked with over the years that have shown slight sexism, however I have always had confidence in knowing I am good and efficient at my job.

“I am not afraid to ask for help if it is needed, but I also try to solve any problems or confrontation I may face myself, to prove to people who don’t always believe in women’s capabilities that with hard work and dedication women are capable of anything.

“The Calibration/Engineering industry is quite a male-orientated industry to work in, however it is becoming more accessible to women. My advice for any woman looking to join the industry would be to be confident in your own capabilities and to always have an open mind for learning new skills.”