Specialist Property Services

CET provides a range of property services to the Insurance Sector; designed to increase customer acquisition and retention, provide differentiation, engage and build customer relationships and brand awareness, reduce claims (a well maintained property is a lower risk) and increase non-risk revenue opportunities.

Property Maintenance and Improvement Helpline (Assurecall)

Buildings insurance has become increasingly commoditised and customers continue to focus on price. So how can you differentiate your product offer, enhance your brand and offer genuine value to your customer?

Assurecall is a value-add service from CET that provides policy holders with instant access to a pool of property experts, offering independent support and advice on a wide range of property-related issues; including:

  • Fault diagnosis and remediation
  • Help finding a tradesman
  • How to scope work and check quotes
  • Property improvement guidelines
  • Planning applications
  • Legal issues such as 3rd party walls

In addition to the reactive, in-bound enquiries, Assurecall provides insurers with a way to proactively engage with customers via a programme of outbound customer communication, featuring property information and useful tips.

Property-Specific Risk Assessment

CET offer a comprehensive range of property inspection services; designed to identify and validate any issues affecting a policyholder’s property. Once the issue has been assessed, we provide a report complete with details of recommended corrective action and associated costs.

  • Property MOT – a comprehensive assessment of the property that gives a prioritized and fully-costed maintenance plan. Our 100 point check covers all aspects of the property.
  • Subsidence Risk Surveys – determining overall risk and quantified risk management requirements.
  • Structural Surveys – including traditional, non-standard, historic construction, red shale and concrete cancer.
  • Specialist Inspections – Asbestos, Arboricultural, Japanese Knotweed, Damp and Timber (Water Ingress), Roof condition.
  • Property and basement condition reports


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